Rare diseases, like Fabry disease, mean a major health problem for a significant number of people in total, but affecting small number of patients for each individual disease.

Smart4Fabry is a project conceived and created to obtain a new nanoformulation of GLA, that will improve the efficacy and toleration compared to the actual treatment with non-formulated GLA. The final benefit will be seen as considerable reduction on the Fabry disease treatment cost and a substantial improvement in the life-quality of Fabry disease patients.

Join the Smart4Fabry Final Workshop to learn from expert speakers how, why and for what the solution proposed by Smart4Fabry was conceived, a sign of cooperation at European level to boost nanomedicine development and translation to clinical stages.

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Smart4Fabry is the acronym of a H2020 funded Project
that stands for “Smart functional GLA-nanoformulation
for Fabry disease”. Smart4Fabry is a collaborative project
funded under the H2020 EU Research
and Innovation programme.

The project started on
the 1st January 2017 and will last four years.



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