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Small drugs – Big considerations: How New Deal researchers are overcoming the challenges of scaling-up a potential IBD nanomedicine

A great chef could create an outstanding dish that revolutionizes cuisine – every time they prepare the recipe for two, it may come out perfect and impress everyone who tries it. However, they would probably struggle to reproduce the same show-stopper dish with the same flavour, texture and taste on a large scale when cooking for a crowd. Something similar happens when scientists develop a new drug: some of the desired characteristics of the medicine obtained in the laboratory at a small scale might be difficult to recreate when the same drug is manufactured in industrial quantities for the market.

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Nanomedicine comes of age: European researchers take nanotech-based therapies from the lab to the clinic

There are already more than 50 nanomedicine formulations in the market and over 400 currently in clinical trials, thanks to the unique versatility of these therapeutics compared to conventional drugs. Several European projects are developing nanomedicines in areas with unmet medical needs, such as Cupido (cardiovascular disease), B-Smart (neurodegenerative disorders), Smart-4-Fabry (Fabry disease) and New Deal (inflammatory bowel disease).

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14th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering

It is our pleasure to inform you that (virtual) oral communication under the tittle “Scale-up and Quality by Design application to the robust production of an enzyme-loaded liposomal formulation by DELOS-susp method” has been accepted for the 14th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering that will take place on 16-20th November 2020. The 10-minutes talk will be focused on the scale-up and the potential advantages of S4F technologies for the society.

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ETPN – European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine

ETPN2020 is the 15th annual event of the ETPN – European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine, to be held on Oct. 14-15, 2020, as a virtual event this year in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Translational issues in nanomedicine” Workshop will be held in the context of this event, on October 14 at 14:00 CET. New Deal, SMART4FABRY and other Horizon 2020 sister projects will participate on it.

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“La Marató de TV3”: An effort of the Catalan civil society to support Research and Innovation in Health

In this occasion the “Marató de TV3: Minories que fan una Majoria”, is devoted to rare diseases. La Marató de TV3 is an annual telethon broadcast by Televisió de Catalunya and the Fundació La Marató de TV3 to raise funds for scientific research into diseases which are currently incurable

But La Marató de TV3 is more than just a fund-raising drive. It also informs the Catalan public about these diseases and explains the need for research aimed at preventing and curing them. Just as important as the money raised by the telethon are the scientific publications, the awareness-raising, and public education in scientific questions. Marató funded first research steps that afterwards crystalized in the Smart4Faby project. More information available at


On the 27th October, our colleague Judit Tomsen form ICMAB-CSIC-CIBER presented the advances for Fabry disease treatment obtained in the context of Smart4Fabry project at the XIII Science Festival in Barcelona. This event inclues more than 200 activities, and is intended to get Science and Technology closer to citizens and society, with a special focus in children and teenagers. This is an excellent way to make society aware of the efforts in Research and innovation at the EU level.

V Consortium meeting in Aarhus hosted by Aarhus University

SMART4FABRY consortium organized its V Consortium meeting in Aarhus (Denmark), kindly hosted by our partner Aarhus University. During two days, (2nd-3rd July), all the partners had an excellent opportunity to discuss last project results and decide the strategy for the next period, including a robust planning until the end of the project. Next meeting will be organized in January in Barcelona.

SMART4FABRY presented at the 6th Symposium of Medicinal Chemistry Young Researchers

Edgar Cristobal, our colleague from Miriam Royo’s CSIC group, presented valuable results from Smart4Fabry at the 6th Symposium of Medicinal Chemistry Young Researchers, organized by the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemistry (SEQT). This sixth edition was held in the facilities of GlaxoSmithKline España in Tres Cantos on June 21st, 2019.

As in former editions, this Symposium is aimed to give the opportunity to Post-doc, Pre-doc, Master’s degree, and Bachelor’s degree students to show and discuss their results in research fields as  Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Organic Synthesis, Molecular Biology, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Natural Products, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Crystallography.

Edgar gave a talk focused in the development and optimization of the construct Cholesterol-PEG-peptide.


Our colleague Judith Tomsen, PhD fellow at the Nanomol group, was awarded with the best oral presentation at the European Students Colloid Conference (ESC-2019), that took place in Varna (Bulgaria) on 18-22 June 2019. The European Colloids and Interfaces Society (ECIS) organizes biannually ESC meetings of advanced students at PhD and MSc level who are undertaking research in the area of colloid and interface science at a European University. These meetings are intended for students to present their work to their peers and to interact both scientifically and socially. Apart from a few invited senior lecturers, meetings are restricted to PhD students, who have not yet submitted their theses, and to MSc students. Judith presented a talk based on the results obtained in her research activities for Smart4Fabry project, obtaining the award that shows the great interest generated by her talk and project outcomes.