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Small drugs – Big considerations: How New Deal researchers are overcoming the challenges of scaling-up a potential IBD nanomedicine

A great chef could create an outstanding dish that revolutionizes cuisine – every time they prepare the recipe for two, it may come out perfect and impress everyone who tries it. However, they would probably struggle to reproduce the same show-stopper dish with the same flavour, texture and taste on a large scale when cooking for a crowd. Something similar happens when scientists develop a new drug: some of the desired characteristics of the medicine obtained in the laboratory at a small scale might be difficult to recreate when the same drug is manufactured in industrial quantities for the market.

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ETPN – European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine

ETPN2020 is the 15th annual event of the ETPN – European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine, to be held on Oct. 14-15, 2020, as a virtual event this year in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Translational issues in nanomedicine” Workshop will be held in the context of this event, on October 14 at 14:00 CET. New Deal, SMART4FABRY and other Horizon 2020 sister projects will participate on it.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join us. You can find more details and register here http://www.etpn2020.eu/


Smart4Fabry partners from CIBER-VHIR, led by Dr. Ibane Abasolo, had a relevant presence at WORLDSymposium, held in Orlando, Florida, 4-8 February 2019. WORLD (We are Organizing Research on Lysosomal Diseases) Symposium is one of the most important events related to Lysososomal Diseases, like Fabry, at an international level. The goal of WORLDSymposium is to provide an interdisciplinary forum to explore and discuss specific areas of interest, research and clinical applicability related to lysosomal diseases. Each year, WORLDSymposium hosts a scientific meeting presenting the latest information from basic science, translational research, and clinical trials for lysosomal diseases. Our approach for an innovative treatment was presented as an oral communication and as a poster, increasing impact and visibility. It is worthy to mention that it was the only communication related to the application of nanomedicine to lysosomal storage diseases, showing the high innovation potential that Smart4Fabry posses.

Vall d’hebron Seminar – Lysosomal Disorders: focus on Fabry Disease

Genetic deficiencies of lysosomal components, most commonly enzymes, are known as “lysosomal storage disorders” (LSDs) and lead to lysosomal dysfunction, broadly affecting peripheral organs and the central nervous system, debilitating patients and frequently causing fatality. This seminar will update clinicians and researchers on most recent advances in diagnosis, pathophysiology and management of Fabry disease as well as in emerging therapies in the treatment of LSD. This seminar is supported by Smart4Fabry project.

Scientific Program

Smart4Fabry presented at the Joint Japan-Spain Symposium on Medical Research

This event was held in Madrid on the 7th of November, in order to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Diplomatic Relations. Two key topic were innovation in rare diseases and nanomedicine. Enara Herran, from Biopraxis, presented several of Biopraxis R&D projects in these fields, highlighting Smart4Fabry as a clear example of how both Topics can be successfully combined. Japanese and Spanish high-level researchers, authorities, policy makers and representatives from biotech and health industries composed the audience.


A joint work elaborated by Smart4fFabry project partners Bionanonet, Joanneum Research and CIBER “Safe-by-design nanocarrier development – OFM to investigate blood-brain barrier crossing” was awarded the EUFEPS WIPS Award at the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 Conference held in Athens (24-26 May 2018).

This award, Woman in Pharmaceutical Sciences Platform (WIPS), is intended to support women PhD students and post-doctoral researchers by facilitating their travels and participation in symposia and recognizes the excellent work presented by Christa Schimpel and Susanne Resch in the framework of Smart4Fabry.