Covance has operated under the name of Covance Inc. since 1996. However, the history of Covance dates back to 1946 when Hazelton Laboratories was established. Hazelton Laboratories was acquired in 1987 by Corning, Inc. In 1989, Corning also acquired G.H. Besselaar Associates, which had been founded in 1976.

These two companies (renamed as Corning Hazelton, Inc., and Corning Besselaar, Inc.) became part of the six best-of-class drug development companies comprising the Corning Pharmaceutical Services (CPS) network. In
1996, CPS was spun-off from Corning, Inc., as an independent, full-service, publicly traded company named Covance Inc. On February 19, 2015, Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®) acquired Covance. Covance is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of LabCorp, and operates as LabCorp’s drug development business.

Covance Inc., headquartered in Princeton, NJ, is the drug development business of Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®). Together, LabCorp and Covance have more than 48,000 employees worldwide.

Covance is a leading drug development services company providing a wide range of early-stage and late-stage product development services on a worldwide basis primarily to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Including LabCorp’s leading network of primary and specialty laboratories, we provide more than 4,500 laboratory tests, ranging from routine blood analyses to reproductive genetics to companion diagnostics, in addition to tests for the chemical, agrochemical, and food industries.

Covance is one of the few drug development companies capable of providing comprehensive global product development services.
Together, Covance and LabCorp maintain offices in more than 60 countries.

Experience Brought to
Smart-4-Fabry proposal

Covance is the only CRO with a full range of integrated, global R&D services from lead optimization through commercialization.

  • Covance ranked among the top five in Fortune magazine’s health-care sector of most-admired companies.
  • 62% of pharma outsourcing decision-makers name Covance as their preferred CRO.
  • Covance received the most mentions as the best-positioned CRO to win preclinical work.
  • Covance received the highest score in both preclinical and clinical quality.

Role in the project

Covance leads WP5: Complementary Regulatory Preclinical Studies. Covance will conduct the preclinical safety/efficacy studies to advance GLA-nanoformulation along the drug development continuum. The entire preclinical safety, pharmacokinetic and toxicological plan, in compliance with applicable GLP and GMP guidelines as appropriate, will be performed.

Who we are

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