The Technion- Israel Institute of Technology is the first university in Israel. Established in 1912, almost four decades before Israel declared independence, it has developed to become a leading science and technology research university, among the world’s top universities.

The Technion is dedicated to the creation of knowledge and the development of human capital and leadership, for the advancement of all humanity. Technion combines Sciences and Engineering as well as Medicine. In the last years two International branches were established, the Technion-Cornel Institute in NYC and the Technion Guangdong in China that is under construction.

A growing International School exists in the main campus. Technion has almost 600 faculty, over 12,000 students, and few thousands employees.
The Technion is famous for his world-class electron microscopy investigations of both hard materials and softmater. Among 3 Nobel Prizes awarded in recent years to Technion Professors, one was awarded to Distinguished Professor Dan Shechtman in 2011 on a discovery made using electron microscopy.

Experience Brought to
Smart-4-Fabry proposal

The Technion group brings expertise and leadership in Cryo Electron Microscopy (CryoEM) of soft matter, combined with knowledge and experience in thermodynamic analysis of self-assembling systems. The Technion’s CryoEM center is linked to the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI), providing educational programs teaching cryoEM methodologies, as well as experimental and scientific support to academia and industry worldwide.

Role in the project

Leader of WG2. Heading the structural and thermodynamic analysis at the Technion, which aim to achieving excellent quality control of the assembly, leading eventually to the development of the desired nano-GLA.

Who we are

Dganit Danino
Head of Group