Leanbio Pro

“LEANBIO S.L was constituted in 2014 in Barcelona and  is a market oriented CDMO in the field of   Biopharmaceutical drugs  specialized in the development and manufacture of DS/DP. The aim of the company is to develop Biotherapeutic products  and Technological Applications for human use, both as service provider and co-development as  business model.

The company is Located at Barcelona Science Park  and takes advantage of 20+ years of experience in the development and manufacture of 20+ Biotechnologic drugs  to provide solutions in the Biopharmaceutical sector.

Leanbio activities are desgined and performed in  line with ICH guidelines for CMC activities in the development, manufacture and control of Biotherapeutics for a straightforward  approval in EMA and FDA Markets both for New Biological Entities and Biosimilars

Leanbio approach proposes the use of proprietary technologies,  maximize productivity , maximize quality,  minimize cost, reduce time to market in order to democratize access of Biotherapeutics to small to mid size companies and by consequence to maximize population Access to these treatments in such fields as haemostasia, oncology, immunotherapy, viral infections and other  related fields.”