NANOMOL TECHNOLOGIES is a spin-off company of a research group in Institute de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona of CSIC (Spanish Research Council).

NANOMOL TECHNOLOGIES was founded at the end of 2010 as a science and innovation driven company providing cutting edge solutions to process, structure and characterize at micro and nanoscale, active molecules of pharma, biotech, cosmetic and chemical companies.

Its mission is to generate and characterize revolutionary nanomaterials, nanomedicines, drug delivery systems with outstanding therapeutic efficacy and patient’s compliance. NANOMOL TECHNOLOGIES has strong expertise to develop, apply, scale-up and industrialize new technologies based on the use of compressed fluids or supercritical fluids for preparing micro and nanoparticulate materials in one single process step.

Experience Brought to
Smart-4-Fabry proposal

Nanomol Technologies has expertise on Prototyping of already stablished lab-scale nanoparticulate systems for production at pilot-scale and production of batches of the nanoparticulate pilot-scale prototypes following the requirements of endusers.

Role in the project

Nanomol Technologies will bring into the project its know-how and all the process patents developed having relationship to the topic of the project. As previously described Nanomol Technologies will contribute in WP1, WP2 and WP3 to ensure adequate quantity batches for preclinical studies along the project, as well as to guarantee that quality of the future nano-GLA-v4 produced batches are provided by an appropriate design and GMP implementation of the scaled-up process.

Who we are

Lidia Ferrer
Technical Manager
Josep Merlo