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What are cookies?

Cookies are small alphanumerical texts stored on the user’s terminal when s/he accesses any web site. They are used to record visits when a user returns to browse this web site.


What types of cookies are there?

Depending on the unit that manages the system or domain from where the cookies are sent, the following types can be differentiated:

  • First party cookies: These are generated by the web site being viewed and ownership belongs to the web site author.
  • Third party cookies: These are generated from a domain or system not managed by the web site author, but by a third party responsible who is the owner of these cookies.
  • They can also be differentiated according to the length of time they remain active in the user’s system:
  • Session cookies: These cookies search and store data when a user accesses a web site and tend to be used to store the information required to offer a service required by the user in a single session.
  • Persistent or permanent cookies: With these cookies the data remain stored on the user’s terminal and can be processed for a defined period by the person responsible for the cookie.
  • Depending on the reason why the data collected via cookies are processed, cookies can be of the following types:
  • Technical cookies: These cookies are required for the web site to function.
  • Customisation cookies: These cookies make it possible for each user to configure certain aspects such as the language s/he wishes to use to view a web site.
  • Analytics or performance cookies: These cookies allow the behaviour of users of web sites to be tracked and analysed in an anonymous fashion.
  • Advertising cookies: These are used to implement efficiency parameters for advertising offered on a web site.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: These cookies store information on users’ behaviour collected through continuous observation of users’ browsing habits, thus allowing a specific profile to be created in order to display advertisements based on the findings.


Which cookies are used in this web site?

This web site uses the following cookies:

  • Technical cookies: These are need to keep this web site operational, allowing users to browse it and use its key functions. These cookies do not store personal information or collect information on browsing habits.

Agreeing to our cookies policy

When browsing our web site you agree to the use of cookies. Click on the tab “More information” to access full information on the use of cookies by this web site.


How can I uninstall cookies?

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from any web site via your browser. The browser operation most commonly used can be found via the following links:


Updating our cookies policy

Our cookies policy can be changed in order to accommodate various changes in legislation that may occur; therefore we recommend you review this information every time you access this web site.