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Smart4Fabry at Post WS RAREVIEW Symposium in Madrid

“POST-WS RAREVIEW 2019, Innovation in lysosomal storage diseases” is the name of a high level Conference held in Madrid in April 2019. This meeting has joined more than 100 specialists from different clinical fields focused in lysosomal storage diseases, together with relevant stakeholders from the Pharmaceutical Industry. This forum mirrors, at a Spanish level, the 13th World Symposium  Research for Lysosomal Diseases, were the project was also introduced by Ibane Abasolo. Smart4Fabry was represented by Dr Ibane Abasolo from CIBER/VHIR. This year, Dr Abasolo was invited to present a talk named “Targeted Nanoliposomes for the treatment of Fabry disease”, fully focused in the enhanced treatment for Fabry disease which is the main aim of Smart4Fabry project. This meeting has been again an excellent opportunity to introduce our project to clinicians and industrial partners, opening pathways for scientific collaboration and potential future exploitation agreements.

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